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And So Recorded

Registration for 2024 spring doins
ends may 2nd

May The 4th be with you as NGH Ryan Batman Schuyler and his officers invite you to celebrate another year of chapter 10 clamping.


Seemingly Decorum is expressly advertised as we would like to be able to use as needed. All the usual NO-NOs apply, including very serious admonitions from the Grand Council about illicit drugs and guns. Leave your dogs, bad attitudes, eggs and fireworks at home. Fires will be allowed in designated fire pits only! Oh!! Did we mention…. LEAVE YOUR DOGS AT HOME. THEY ARE NOT WELCOME!


Check out the Hawkers new swag while your at it


  Turn your PBCs over to our Crack(ed) Initiation Team led by the hangman Nathan Redeye Jones upon arrival, but no later than 10:10 AM. Once turned over to us, clean and sober, LEAVE THEM TO US. PBCs will receive a short history lesson on ECV and WBM/WMS Chapter Ten. The Initiation will leave them tired and dirty, but all will survive to Clamp another day! Candle light Initiation candidates welcome and they will be given special treatment (wink, wink)! Get them there before 10:00 am for best results.


Prices for this year are set at $50 prepay and $60 day of for Redshirts and $ 100 for PBC/Retread

Save $5 and buy your shirt in advance for $20. $25 at doins. Make your purchase by 10:10 pm on April 23rd to guarantee size (otherwise you will get a random size)


Send paperwork to the Chapter 10 Gold Dust receiver at the address below:


E Clampus Vitus 10

P.O. Box 405

Nevada City, CA. 95959


or go to for PayPal info and to print application paperwork beforehand.

What is ECV?

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus (ECV) is a fraternal organization dedicated to the study and preservation of Western Heritage, especially the history of the Mother Lode and gold mining regions of the area. There are chapters in California, Nevada and other western states. Members call themselves "Clampers." The organization's name is in Dog Latin, and has no known meaning; even the spelling is disputed, sometimes appearing as "Clampus", "Clampsus", or "Clampsis". The motto of the Order, Credo Quia Absurdum, is generally understood as meaning "I believe it because it is absurd."; the proper Latin quotation Credo quia absurdum est, is from the Christian apologist Tertullian (140-230), who rejected rationalism and accepted a Gospel which addressed itself to the "non-rational levels of perception."

Our Activities

The current incarnation of ECV (yes, it has evolved over it's illustrious history) spends most of its time concerning itself with the preservation of Western Lore by "Plaquing" lesser know historic sites and items. Plaques describing esoteric subjects as the first bordellos in the area, or where some lesser know bandit may have stopped for a drink are examples of the smaller details "Clampers" like to showcase.

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