Registration for 2022 Fall doins
ends sept, 29th 

Chapter #10 Father’s of the Northern Mines, and our Illustrious Leader, NGH Les McMurry shall sound the Hewgag!!! Returning to the lake Sept 30th - Oct 2nd 
   You can expect our Clamp chef Boogie has special plans for all the Clamp Vittles. It is said he has roamed the back roads of Nevada County collecting the finest road kill specimens. Mixed with his special root tonic sauce. Saturday Dinner Mixed Mystery critter meat with all the fixings, Saturday night non vegetarian burger meat and whistle berry party, and Sunday breakfast.
XNGH Noodle and his Libationists will have the Two Bills Tavern open. Saturday Morning Menstrual Marty’s to get you started.
    We have reserved the Scott’s flat lake party location.
   Fees as prescribed by the Humbug. $70 Redshirt prepay includes the shirt of the day. Pay at the gate is same, no shirt!! All PBC and retreads $100.00 in Gold Dust. Pre Pay will include yer shirt of the day!. Bring cash and visit Our Hawker Emeritus XXNGH Tyler, “Cousin It” Souter. 
        Directions. Approximately 5 miles East of Nevada city off State Hwy 20,  turn right on Scott Flat Lake Road.            The Address is 23333 Scott Flat Lake Road.

What is ECV?

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus (ECV) is a fraternal organization dedicated to the study and preservation of Western Heritage, especially the history of the Mother Lode and gold mining regions of the area. There are chapters in California, Nevada and other western states. Members call themselves "Clampers." The organization's name is in Dog Latin, and has no known meaning; even the spelling is disputed, sometimes appearing as "Clampus", "Clampsus", or "Clampsis". The motto of the Order, Credo Quia Absurdum, is generally understood as meaning "I believe it because it is absurd."; the proper Latin quotation Credo quia absurdum est, is from the Christian apologist Tertullian (140-230), who rejected rationalism and accepted a Gospel which addressed itself to the "non-rational levels of perception."

Our Activities

The current incarnation of ECV (yes, it has evolved over it's illustrious history) spends most of its time concerning itself with the preservation of Western Lore by "Plaquing" lesser know historic sites and items. Plaques describing esoteric subjects as the first bordellos in the area, or where some lesser know bandit may have stopped for a drink are examples of the smaller details "Clampers" like to showcase.

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