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Come one come all to the Chapter 10 widder’s Ball. Held Saturday February 25, 2023  4:00PM.

Humbug Les, Pennywise, McMurry cordially Invites all Redshirts and their Widder’s and any potential Future ECV Guests to join us on this festive evening, where we put the Widder First. 

  The Theme is Victorian steam punk.

  Dress to impress if you’re so inclined. Or were your nicest clamper red and Black.

There may be the return of a dress contest? 

  The Rub was set at $80.00 per couple and $55.00 per stag.

  Clampchef Boogie claims some prime Bovine roasts, mashed taters some steamed plant based materials and any other road side delectables will be served on paper plates.

    We are returning to the Ponderosa Hall again. This is at the Nevada county fair grounds.

11228 McCourtney Road

Grass valley, Ca 95949.

  Additionally there is an RV park nearby should you want to stay next to hall in your RV. Call (530)273-6217 to make a reservation.

 If you’re still old school and want to snail mail it. Send your Gold dust to



  Any Questions please contact the Recorder. XNGH, GNR Jim “JETHRO” Cheatham. or phone (707)953-4505

Registration for 2023 Fall doins
ends october 4TH 

 NGH Mike Antrobus and his rag tag band of chapter officers invite you to our big Fall Overnighter Doin’s October 6th-8th. Scott Flat Lake is just 5 miles outside of Nevada city ( Find the Wheelhouse & turn right, or left if the other way) drive a couple more miles to the gate. Proper ECV signage should be present.

The prices for this traditional event are only $65 Advance Reservation and $70 at the Doins. PBCs are $100, advance prepay is helpful. You can prepay at There, you can also find and option to prepay for an artfully crafted, top quality shirt of the day that will only be available in limited quantities on the day of the event.

This event is an overnighter, The gate will be monitored and no early camping. The park has said all early camping will be at the other entrance. Friday morning when officers for Chapter arrive, You may register and pay to enter doins. All the usual NO-NOs apply, including very serious admonitions from the Grand Council about illicit drugs and guns.  Only members of ECV in good standing allowed. Have your traveling card with you. Leave your dogs, bad attitudes, eggs and fireworks at home. No RV hookups at this site.  Oh!! Did we mention…. LEAVE YOUR DOGS AT HOME. THEY ARE NOT WELCOME!

Saturday dinner, late night snack and Sunday Breakfast will be served by the esteemed Clamp Chef Boogie. Official Big and Little Slippery time is from 10:10 AM to 5:10 PM. Bring some $$$ to buy into our big, badass Raffle after dinner. The Raffle master has been scouring the back alleys to get the best stuff for you to take a chance on. Turn your PBCs over to our Crack(ed) Initiation Team upon arrival, but no later than 10:10 AM. Once turned over to us, clean and sober, LEAVE THEM TO US. PBCs will receive a short history lesson on ECV and WBM/WMS Chapter Ten.  The Initiation will leave them tired and dirty, but all will survive to Clamp another day! Candle light Initiation candidates welcome and they will be given special treatment (wink, wink)! Get them there before 10:00 am for best results.

What is ECV?

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus (ECV) is a fraternal organization dedicated to the study and preservation of Western Heritage, especially the history of the Mother Lode and gold mining regions of the area. There are chapters in California, Nevada and other western states. Members call themselves "Clampers." The organization's name is in Dog Latin, and has no known meaning; even the spelling is disputed, sometimes appearing as "Clampus", "Clampsus", or "Clampsis". The motto of the Order, Credo Quia Absurdum, is generally understood as meaning "I believe it because it is absurd."; the proper Latin quotation Credo quia absurdum est, is from the Christian apologist Tertullian (140-230), who rejected rationalism and accepted a Gospel which addressed itself to the "non-rational levels of perception."

Our Activities

The current incarnation of ECV (yes, it has evolved over it's illustrious history) spends most of its time concerning itself with the preservation of Western Lore by "Plaquing" lesser know historic sites and items. Plaques describing esoteric subjects as the first bordellos in the area, or where some lesser know bandit may have stopped for a drink are examples of the smaller details "Clampers" like to showcase.

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